AAAM courses are open to licensed physicians, regardless of specialty, who are interested in the science of Aesthetic Medicine, and in expanding their practice in that area. Our unique program offers:

Objective and non-commercial content
AAAM courses are the only 100% non-commercial and comprehensive scientific programs allowing faculty to be objective and to share their knowledge and skills with the course participants, without industry bias. This is essential in ensuring high quality scientific program content.

Expert faculty
Unlike other similar courses, AAAM faculty is expert in their respective fields. Experienced dermatologists teach dermatology; we do not have physicians from other specialties claiming to be a “specialist in Aesthetic Medicine”, if they do not possess background or credentials in that field.

Continuing Medical Education (CME)
CME Accreditation and Credit is available for a number of AAAM courses. Please see individual courses for specific accreditation information and number of CME credits available

Our faculty is high interactive with participants, allowing adequate time for questions and answers and taking a "hands on" approach to helping the participants learn in workshop sessions. AAAM focuses on teaching safe techniques that can be performed in medical clinics.

Global recognition
AAAM courses are recognized in the US, Asia, and the Mid-East by the UIME (International Association of Aesthetic Medicine // Union Internationale de Médecine Esthétique). The UIME was created over 30 years ago in response to the blooming of a new specialty within the medical world: aesthetic medicine. The UIME currently has 29 member organizations and 20,000 members on its roster, including the AAAM.

Course registration requirements
It is imperative that doctor-attendees read and be familiar with requirements for registration for AAAM courses.

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