The AAAM is dedicated to the teaching of Aesthetic Medicine to licensed physicians who have a scientific interest in exploring the aesthetic medical facet of their clinical practice. This can enhance your practice regardless of medical specialty, therefore, membership in the AAAM is open to a wide variety of medical practitioners; dermatologists, cosmetic surgeons, general practitioners, family practitioners, obstetricians/gynecologists, internal medicine specialists, anasthesiologists, and dentists, ophthalmologists and ENT specialists, to name but a few.

The AAAM's goal is to provide quality education for the development of clinical skills in Aesthetic Medicine, through its annual Congresses and hands-on training courses and workshops throughout the United States, Asia, Austraila, Europe, Middle East, and South Africa. This clinical training will equip Aesthetic Medical practitioners with the latest techniques, technologies, pharmaceuticals and programs that focus on Aesthetic Medicine.

An important benefit of membership in the AAAM for American physicians practicing Aesthetic Medicine is the role of the AAAM internationally. The American Academy of Aesthetic medicine is the 15th member country of the International Union of Aesthetic Medicine (UIME). AAAM President Emeritrus, Dr. Michel Delune is a dermatologist, originally from Brussels, Belgium, who is an honorary president and one of the four original founders of the UIME.

Just a few of the benefits AAAM members receive include:

  • Membership certificate
  • Registration discount of $200 off of all AAAM courses.
  • Registration discount for AAAM and UIME Congresses.
  • Subscription to American Journal of Aesthetic Medicine, currently published online biannually.
  • Frequent updates and announcements via the bi-monthly AAAM e-Newsletter.
  • Open invitation to contribute and share articles with fellow members in our publications and on our website.
  • Free listing on the online Members Directory - coming soon!
  • Exclusive invitation to the AAAM Members Updating and Networking Breakfast in a city near you - coming soon!
  • Free posting on the AAAM Bulletin Board - coming soon!
  • Eligibility for grants and scholarship applications - coming soon!
  • Free listing and promotion of your books in the AAAM BookClub - coming soon!
  • Special discounts/privileges in the AAAM BookClub and Buyer's Directory! - coming soon!
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