Workshop: Business Strategies and Digital Marketing for Medical Aesthetics

November 9 - November 9, 2023 (Las Vegas, Nevada)

Scientific Agenda

Gain current knowledge of digital marketing tools and strategies to reach the right market with the right message and deliver impressive results. The Marketing and Management Certification Workshop for Aesthetic and Clinic Managers are recommended to all physicians and medical aesthetic practitioners who own their own clinics and manages their aesthetic practice. Whether you are new in the aesthetic business or long-time practitioner, this workshop is designed to equip you with fundamental understanding of marketing and will provide you with essential tools to get started in the aesthetic industry and grow your business.

Workshops Highlights:

• Unique concepts and marketing strategies that positively transformed aesthetic clinics and medical spas globally

• Comprehensive guide in starting your own aesthetic practice and the essential equipment and tools you need

• Building credibility and increasing revenue through novel business approach

• Brand building and growing customer loyalty

• Digital marketing and marketing strategies to boost your success

• Public relations and social media marketing you need to grow your practice

• Essential knowledge in staff management and human relations aspect of the business

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