Terms & Conditions Of Registration
  1. It is expressly agreed that the members of the AAAM® Organizing Committee for AAAM Courses, Workshops and Congresses, their legal representatives, directors and employees, and their agents, officers and services, shall not be liable for any loss, injury or damage of any kind whatsoever suffered directly or indirectly by the person, possession or property of any participant or other person during or in connection with the events on the program or any other activities of the AAAM Courses, Workshops and Congresses for any reason whatsoever no matter howsoever caused. AAAM declines any and all liability for any damages/injuries claimed against it by any Course, Workshop, or Congress attendees during and after training, and for all claims which may arise by attendees or their patients as a result of using the technique, the device and/or the medication discussed or demonstrated during the course.
  2. AAAM's main goal is patient safety and patient satisfaction that can be achieved only through a complete commitment of the physician to comprehensive education and training. To that end, AAAM's mission is to provide medical doctors with advance knowledge in this field and offer the highest quality of patient care.
  3. As an educational organization, AAAM does not endorse, promote or accept as best practice any opinions, ideas, procedures, medications or devices, whether presented in paper form, orally, or otherwise. Any subjective or objective ideas, papers, medications and devices presented during the AAAM course are for educational purpose only and are not intended to represent the best method, the best procedure or the best medication and/or device that is appropriate for any given patient. Rather, the course illustrates an approach, vision and/or opinion of the faculty which may be helpful to course attendees if they face similar situations in their medical practice.
  4. Some medications and/or medical devices demonstrated during the course or otherwise communicated to course participants may not have been cleared/approved by the FDA for the demonstrated use. The FDA has stated that such use of these medications/devices is the responsibility of the physician, who must determine the FDA clearance/approval status of each medication/device used in his/her clinical medical practice.
  5. It is agreed that the AAAM Organizing Committee for the AAAM Courses, Workshops and Congresses, and their agents and officers, reserve the right to cancel at any time any or all of the programmed or other activities if this should appear necessary as a result of events which are beyond their control or which they cannot reasonably be expected to influence or for which they are not responsible. Without limiting the generality of the foregoing, such events shall include force majeure, government or other official regulations, natural disasters, strikes or any kind whatsoever, civil, international or other crises, or any other unforeseen occurrence. Decisions regarding the necessity for such cancellation shall be taken by the Organizing Committee, or their agents, at their sole discretion and shall be final.
  6. Photography/Audio/Visual/Recording is strictly prohibited. Anyone found photographing or recording without authorization will be required to immediately surrender the recording media and will be expelled from the event without reimbursement.
  7. Board Exam Re-sit Policy: Any candidate who does not pass the written and/or oral exam may retake the exam for a $500 re-sit fee. A candidate may resit for the exam twice, for a maximum of three attempts. Those wishing to re-sit a fourth time will be required to retake the Level 1 and Level 2 courses. Refunds and credits are not offered.
  8. Faculty, Speakers and Topics may be changed by AAAM without notice.
It is expressly agreed that AAAM can use photographs and/or video images taken, including and not limited to courses, conferences, congresses or exhibitions. These image(s) may be published in any of AAAM's communication materials, channels and collaterals for publicity purposes and also in connection with any of AAAM training partners' publicity purposes.
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